• Instant

    Titus Coin has an instant transfer feature. Transactions happen in real-time.

  • X11

    Titus Coin uses the X11 hashing algorithm.

  • Bitcoin based

    Titus Coin uses a custom blockchain based on Bitcoin technology.

  • Accessible wallets

    Titus Coin offers wallets for many platforms, from desktop computer to mobile.

  • Easy to use

    We are striving to make Titus Coin as easy to use as real money.

  • Mobile friendly

    All Titus Coin products have a mobile version.

The Technology

Modern solution provides The Accepted Cryptocurrency

So, what is the secret behind a successful cryptocurrency? First of all, it is user-friendliness – both for the users and for his or her future merchants or partners. UX and UI are not just empty phrases for us, they are key components to a convenient and understandable solution. But providing the user with clear and correct information is just a half of the job, we also have the technology to back it up, and the transparency of a public blockchain.

Our Benefits


You need to be able to use cryptocurrency in the same way you use cash or a credit card. No one is willing to wait several minutes to pay for a cup of coffe.

Secure and mobile

With Titus Coin you have both a secure, solid experience with the Core wallet as well as a mobile-friendly experience with the Titus Mobile Wallet.


Titus Coin can be used in your everyday shopping, taking it from just a cryptocurrency to a something with a concrete value in your life.

Public Blockchain

Titus Coin's blockchain is public and transparent. It can be viewed by Clicking Here.

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