Titus Coin is opensource. We have published the code to the gitrep so if anyone wants to continue building this you can.
If you need any assistant, we can help you get started.
If anyone wants to do a hard fork, feel free to do it.
Titus Coin Core Developer team will no longer support and update Titus Coin.

The latest version on LIVENET ( will be the last version we will push out.
The latest on TESTNET ( will therefore not be deployed to LIVENET.

The reason for this is that a brilliantly engineered cryptocurrency that has no users and the core development team is an independent group of developers who participate in various projects.

There may be some good news in the future, though. We will focus our efforts on new projects, that have more transactions.
We, the core team have continued to work on the software the last year and we will do a hard fork later on an announced a new project, so DO NOT LOOSE your private keys, you will need them to be able to claim potential new future projects and hard forks.

We are getting requests to get listed on exchanges all the time, so we might accept a few, and as long as there is traffic the blockchain will be up (We can’t say when it comes to Mobile and other services) but the Titus Core wallet will be there, we will not just update it anymore.

To make sure you don’t lose any keys etc we STRONGLY recommend you download a core wallet and transfer your Titus Coins to it.

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